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Electron beam irradiated cable for use in railways, shipping, submarines etc. Rubber trailing cable for use in mobile, earth-moving equipments. Solar cables, 66 KV XPLE cable. Visit us at Elecrama 2014 at Bangalore, Stall no. H-5A34. 1st Indian manufacturer to produce Electron beam cable. Latest technology in coloring of diamonds

Building Wire (Electron Beam Irradiated)

PVC Insulated Multistrand Copper Building Wires

The Product Features

Conductor: Manufactured from electrolytic grade 99.97% pure copper drawn in multiple strands which offer low resistance with low electricity consumption and protection against wide voltage fluctuation. Insulation: Nicco wires are insulated with a superior grade PVC Compound that is specially formulated and manufactured in-house. The wires are Flame Retardant and meet the Flammability test as per IS 694:1990. It has high insulation resistance and dielectric strength which prevents leakage of electric current, thus ensuring complete safety from shocks and short circuits. Its flame retardant properties minimize the spread of fire thus providing additional safety.

Printing: The wires are printed with brand name, size in sq.mm & voltage grade. The Nicco Advantage: Long Wide Experience Oldest Cable manufactures with 60 years experience and update state-of-the-art manufacturing process having manufacturing capacity from 1100 volts to 66000 volts grade cables. Raw Materials & Quality: Superior quality raw materials. Comprehensive quality assurance by Nlcco's full-fledged R&D Dept. recognized by Govt. of India, Ministry of Science & Technology, New Delhi.

Assurance of Multiple Benefits

  • Safe, reliable, quality wires.
  • No electric shocks, no short circuits and no electrical fires.
  • FR PVC insulation at no extra cost.
  • On line high voltage spark testing to make sure of no weak spots in the insulation.
  • Greater ease in concealed & conduit wiring due to flexibility.
  • Save electricity bill for life long.
  • Most economical prices among all branded wires.
  • Nationwide extensive distributors and dealers network for customer satisfaction.

The other available building wire products are FRLS PVC Insulated Copper Building Wires, 105° EBXL irradiated PVC insulated Building Wires (with higher current rating), 105° EBXL irradiated PE insulated Building Wires (FRLS Halogen free with higher current rating).

NICCO PVC insulated flexible Single & Multicore Cables are manufactured from electrolytic bright annealed bare copper conductor (brunched), insulated with specially formulated FR PVC compound, which is resistant to moisture, chemicals, grease etc. and has very high insulation resistance and consistency in test result.

NICCO flexible cables are manufactured as per IS 694/1990, in sizes from 0.5 sq.mm to 50 sq.mm in single core and in size 0.5 sq.mm to 4 sq.mm upto 5 cores. These sizes carry ISI mark; the sizes generally conform to IIS 694/1990. All single & multicore cables are supplied in 100 meters length and voltage grade upto HDD volts. NICCO flexible cables have a wide range of application in machine tools, appliances, control panels, machinery and industries of every nature.

Cross-Linked PVC Building Wire

Electron Beam Irradiation Cross Linked Building Wires

TYPE: EBXL PVC - 105 LIFEGUARD: NICCO introduces for the first time in India a wide range of New Generation Cables and Wires embodying state-of-the-art Electron Beam Irradiation Cross-linking Technology using High Capacity 3.0 MeV Electron Beam Accelerator imported from world renowned manufacturer Radiation Dynamic Inc., USA. Unique Safety Features

High withstand Continuous Temperatures - 105oC against 70oC for conventional PVC Cables

  • Short circuit free
  • Higher current ratings compared to conventional PVC Cables
  • Higher Insulation resistance
  • Non-softening, infusible & non-dripping under overload which prevents fire caused by short circuit Rugged mechanical properties - superior abrasion/scrapes, cut-through resistance and greater crush resistance
  • No surface friction
  • Longer service life - compared to conventional cables

Typical Applications: Wiring of all installation where fire safely is more important. Modern apartments, schools, theaters, commercial complexes, air-conditioned apartments, high-rise buildings, fire alarm and emergency lighting circuits, electronic and computerized installations, modem offices depending heavily on electronic data preservation etc.

Construction of EBXL PVC - 105: Conductor Insulation: Flexible multi - strand copper wires Electron Beam cross - linked PVC suitable for 105°C continuous operation.