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Electron beam irradiated cable for use in railways, shipping, submarines etc. Rubber trailing cable for use in mobile, earth-moving equipments. Solar cables, 66 KV XPLE cable. Visit us at Elecrama 2014 at Bangalore, Stall no. H-5A34. 1st Indian manufacturer to produce Electron beam cable. Latest technology in coloring of diamonds

Electron Beam Irradiated Cables

For the first time in India, Nicco brings to you high performance standard of electrical wires and cables - The Electron Beam Irradiation Cross-Linked Cables that are capable of meeting today's demanding requirements of higher performance in the industrial arena.

Nicco one of India's largest manufacturers of Electrical Cables and Wires once again offers for the first time in India an enviable range of New Generation Cables Embodying the State-of-the-Art Electron Beam Irradiation Cross Linking Technology

The cross-linking of polymers with Electron Beam is an innovative process, which improves the life of cables significantly compared to the conventional chemically cross-linked cables.

Properties - All features built in one:

  • High Withstand Temperature (Better Thermal Properties)
  • High Current Ratings - Operating Temperature upto 230°C
  • Special Polymers to cover Wide Temperature range from -650°C to +2300°C
  • No Risk of Deformation above Short Circuit Temperatures
  • Excellent Electrical are Track Resistant
  • Rugged Mechanical Properties - Superior
  • Abrasion/Scrapes & Cut-through Resistance
  • Outstanding Fluid Resistance - Resistant to variety of Reactive Chemicals, Oils and Solvents
  • Resistant to Ultra-Violet (UV) Rays & Impermeable to Moisture
  • High-tech Polymer - Fire Resistant, Low Smoke, Low Toxic, Zero Halogen Emission
  • Compact Design
  • Low Insulation/Sheath Wall Thickness - Space Saving
  • Space Saving
  • Lighter in Weight
  • Flexible
  • Lower Bending Radii
  • High nuclear radiation resistant
  • No Environmental Hazard

Electron Beam Accelerator:

Accelerator works on the same principle as a television tube. Electrons are generated by a heated filament, which forms the electron gun. A voltage gradient draws the electrons away from the gun and accelerates them through the vacuum tube. As the high voltage beam of electrons passes from the beam tube and through the scan magnet, an oscillating magnetic field sweeps the beam back and forth across the scan window.

The Real Difference: Where the objective of a television is to create the picture, an Accelerator bundles electrons into a 3 to 5 cm diameter beam to irradiate industrial products. The enormous number of electrons and the high acceleration voltage produces rapid reactions by operating directly on the molecules of the Polymers. E.B. Gross-linking is caused by interaction of high-energy electrons with the polymeric material and results in a three-dimensional network structure. Through this transformation the thermal and mechanical properties are improved while its electrical properties remain unchanged.

Automobiles :

Electron Beam Irradiated Thin Wall Automobile Cables to Withstand 125°C Temperature To save space and weight in the tight engine compartment of Automobiles, thin wall Automobile Cables are now being used worldwide. To keep pace with the worldwide trend and to serve increasingly sophisticated requirements of the vibrant Automobile Industry, Nicco has also introduced this new generation Automobile Cables, for the first time in India, embodying state - of - the - art Electron Beam Irradiation Cross - Linked Technology. Thin Wall Automobile Cable construction puts maximum demands on insulation properties especially long - term heat ageing, abrasion, pinch resistance, resistance from various solvents ( viz. Oil, Petrol, Diesel, Grease, Water etc.) and flame retardancy. Nicco's Electron Beam Irradiated Cross - Linked Thin Wall Automobile Cables incorporate all these attributes. It is also suitable to operate under extreme temperature ranging from-51°C to 125°C.

General Construction :

Conductor: High conductivity, smooth and bright Annealed Copper Conductor. Instruction: Specially formulated Electron Beam Irradiated cross - linked Polyolifin compound insulated and Left Bare.