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Electron beam irradiated cable for use in railways, shipping, submarines etc. Rubber trailing cable for use in mobile, earth-moving equipments. Solar cables, 66 KV XPLE cable. Visit us at Elecrama 2014 at Bangalore, Stall no. H-5A34. 1st Indian manufacturer to produce Electron beam cable. Latest technology in coloring of diamonds

Electron Beam Irradiated Cables

Comparative Report on EB Vs Chemical Cross-linked Elastomers

Tests Two Layers
EB Cross linked
Two Layers 
Chemically Cross linked
Reduce size (OD)(1x150 sqmm) 21.9 29.3
Continuous operating temperature 125 90
Cold Bend at -65°C Passes Fails
Dynamic Cut-Through (Kg) 169 64
Crush Resistance (Kg) 
(Kg to cause failure)
3061 1482
Scrape Abrasion (nos) 
(No. of scrapes to failure)
5580 620
Minimum Bending Radii (mm) (flexibility) 110 235
Oil Resistance (60° C Diesel Oil) (% swell) 15 20
Acid Gas Generation (ppm) 
(ppm in one mg of compound burnt)
<50 1000
Limiting Oxygen Index 31 26
Nuclear Radiation (Mmd) 200 100
Weight of Cable Kg/Km 1365 1970

Comparison of Cross Linking Between Irradiation and Chemical Method

Description Irradiation Chemical-Cross Link
Method EB Method Addictive CV Method
  High Energy Accelerator 
or Radio Isotope
Heat Source
(Steam, Nitrogen or Infrared)
Application LDPE
FRLDPE (Horizontal)
FRHDPE (horizontal) X
Fluoro-Polymer X
Extrusion   Easy Difficult
Shelf Life of Compound   Excellent Good
Performance High Frequency Excellent Not Suitable
Deformation Excellent Excellent
Appearance Excellent Not so Good
Equipment needed for
cross linking process
and relatively expensive
Rather simple 
and moderate cost